Tenancy Sustainment Coach

Job type: Temporary Salary: £18,132 per annum Location: Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
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About this role

Title: Tenancy Sustainment Coach 

22.5 hours per week
12 month maternity cover
£18132.52 for 22.5 hours per week

Overall Purpose of Job
To provide housing related support to the tenants of Ongo Homes to enable them to live
independently and maintain their tenancies.
To support ‘Tenancy First’ strategy by communicating to tenants the importance of
prioritising their tenancy commitments including rent payments and improving service

Main Responsibilities
• To provide intensive housing related support to tenants living in Ongo Homes
properties including the preparation and monitoring of support plans as
appropriate to achieve customer goals.
• To deliver services to our customers using a coaching approach.
• To provide money and benefit advice in order to sustain tenancies
• Assisting with applications for charitable grants to alleviate poverty.
• To support tenants to maximise their income by completing an Income &
Expenditure, budgeting and providing tips on reducing outgoings (gas/electricity)
• Provide support to Ongo Homes tenants regards accessing their benefit
entitlement ensuring benefit maximisation and referring tenants who need
specialist help to the relevant agency.
• Work with Citizens Advice, Ongo Benefits Advice Officers and other voluntary
agencies to assist with income maximisation. This may include attending regular
meetings with external agencies and Ongo Homes colleagues to ensure effective
partnerships and service delivery
• To offer guidance and support to tenants on tenancy issues including housing and
benefits, accommodation options, general benefits and lifestyle skills.
• To provide support to Ongo Homes tenants who have been decanted from their
homes into temporary accommodation due to either planned or emergency
• To support vulnerable tenants with external agencies and within Ongo Homes
where appropriate to help sustain tenancies and obtain better outcomes for
• Ensure that accurate records are maintained, and outcomes achieved and collate
performance management information in line with Company service standards,
key performance indicators.
• To be aware of housing legislative issues such as ASB, possession cases, rent
arrears and formulate plans and strategies to tackle these problems through
providing tenancy support services.
Creativity & Innovation
• Use coaching skills to inspire and motivate individuals and wider communities.
• To be able to engage with and achieve buy in from tenants to enable changing
behaviours and improving life skills.
• The ability to apply individual thinking to problem solving and gain the agreement
of clients in pursuing agreed actions to change and improve tenancy management
behaviour and skills
• Ensure the use of ICT apps such as My Home and other forms of social media to
support and engage with tenants.
Contacts & Relationships
• Close liaison with professionals within the Housing Advice team, Local Authority
adult and childrens’ services, health and other support and care agencies
• Regular contact with financial organisations and benefits agencies
• Close liaison with other teams throughout Ongo Homes
• Regular communication with external support agencies and charitable
• Managers in Ongo Homes and external organisations.
Decision Making - Discretion
• Decides on the appropriate level of support to be provided to individual cases
• Decisions on which agency or organisation is best placed to provide support to
individual cases
• Makes timely and effective decisions which ensure an effective support service is
delivered. This will involve balancing conflicting priorities and changing demands,
and making decisions which affect tenancy management issues and the lives of
individual tenants
• Able to meet priorities set by line manager

Decision Making - Consequences
If vulnerable customers are not supported effectively they will be at risk of harm to their
health and wellbeing, which could include the loss of their temporary accommodation.

Responsibility for Resources
• PPE equipment
• Laptop + charger and screen/keyboard/mouse for home use
• Ipad + charger
• Document case with GDPR sensitive documents
• Personal Guardian 24 alarm + charger
• ID card (with office entry permissions)
• Headphones
• Mobile phone + charger

Work Demands
• Ability to work flexibly and occasionally outside normal working hours.
• Able to meet organisational deadlines with conflicting priorities due to changing
• Ability to balance the demands of supporting individual tenants with meeting the
business aims of Ongo Homes
• The post holder will undergo an annual DBS enhanced check
Physical Demands
• Post holder must be able to carry out visits and transport themselves to various
locations, this may include the need to travel in hazardous weather conditions and
take the appropriate safety precautions
• Must be able to visit a range of properties including accessing flats and climbing
Working Conditions
• Post holder will follow agile working practices and policies including home
working, work in the office, working remotely in authorised premises (Local Links,
The Arc etc) and carry out visits to tenants homes.
• Post holder may be required to work outside of normal office hours to deliver
support and make contact with hard to reach tenants.
• To adhere to GDPR guidelines in regard to the collection, use and retention of
tenants personal data.
• To follow safe working practice guidelines for lone working/travelling and visiting
on estates.

Work Context
• Frequent contact with customers, often about contentious issues
• Potentially required to engage with difficult customers in challenging situations.
This will include dealing with abuse and aggression in tenants home and on the
housing estates in areas of Ongo operation.
• Frequent lone working in tenants homes/remote locations
• Report any near misses or incidents in line with health and safety guidelines and

Knowledge, Skill & Experience Required
• Experience of working with vulnerable people in a positive way to deliver tenancy
support and advice.
• An understanding and working knowledge of housing and benefits legislation.
• Excellent communication skills (particularly oral, but also written)
• The ability to empathise and communicate with vulnerable people to deliver
positive outcomes.
• Ability to negotiate, influence and act as an advocate with a wide range of people
in a wide range of situations
• Good organisational skills and ability to work to deadlines both as part of a team
and working alone.
• Ability to demonstrate customer focus and commitment to diversity in all aspects
of work.
• Commitment to achieving positive outcomes and objectives for individuals and for
Ongo Homes.
• The ability to develop and utilise effective ICT systems relevant to Social Housing
including the use of social media and encouraging tenants to use the My Home
• The ability to work with and influence colleagues in other teams across Ongo
Homes to ensure the effective delivery of a customer focused support service
Health & Safety
To be aware of risks to personal safety, other employees, customers, company property
and company reputation and to highlight such risks to managers immediately
Environment and Sustainability
• To ensure the environment and sustainability policies are understood by the post
• To promote the importance of considering the environment and sustainability in
the role
• To treat the environment with respect and commit to ensuring all
services/activities that are provided in this role have taken the impact on the
environment into consideration/action plans

Risk Management
• To be able to identify risks that may affect the achievement of personal and
service objectives. To support the organisation's risk management process
through good communication and carrying out actions to reduce identified risks.

Equality and Diversity
• To promote equality and diversity amongst our stakeholders, residents, customers,
clients, staff, board and committee members and all those we work with.
• To ensure all customers’ needs are understood and all services that are provided
meet individual needs, including in relation to the protected characteristics and
customers with additional support needs.
• To treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times.

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