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Find employees that suit your business needs

We are a leading recruitment agency in our area and have staff specialising in a variety of different industries and employment types.

Whether you’re looking for staff to fill part-time labour roles, a full-time chef, or a personal assistant social worker, we can help find the right solution for your business.

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OngoPhotograph by Richard Walker/ImageNorth

Training and support

The retention and development of your staff is critical to success, which is why we offer you more than just recruitment. Some of the ways we can support you as employment consultants are:

  • Industry specific or management related training
  • Mental health support service for colleagues
  • Provide social value and boost your corporate social responsibility

These services are available to your business even if you’re not looking to hire new staff right now, so get in touch to find out more

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“I have worked with Ongo Recruitment for a number of years, they assist with a variety of roles including unskilled, skilled, administrative & technical. I am impressed with the time they take to understand each role and the context of the business at the time of recruiting. We look forward to many more years working in partnership.”

HR Manager for technology company


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