Support workers

We provide personal assistance to vulnerable people to help them live their lives as independently as possible and support them in overcoming barriers including social isolation.


We offer support workers, who work in the local area providing care and support to vulnerable adults and children. This can range from everyday activities such as shopping, tasks around the home and general wellbeing activities. We also provide social visits away from the home such as bowling and cinema.

Our support workers are trained to work with adults and children of all capabilities and are provided with up to date knowledge of legislation and policies, this includes safeguarding.

Support workers can be supplied on an ad-hoc or on a regular basis for longer periods and are charged per hour. Our support workers can also drive and are fully insured therefore are able to transport the clients around.

“She also helps me to stay positive, so it’s not just Sarah that benefits from my work but it helps me too because I have made a friend in the process. Being a personal assistant is honestly the best job, and it doesn’t seem to feel like a job.”

Kyla – Social Worker

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